Wedding Gowns

wedding gownsSuper Wedding Gown Savings!

Shop now!!! We went to market so you won’t have too. Get that perfect dress and save some money. Most bridal dresses marked over $500.00 are now 50% off. And bridal gowns that are marked under $500.00 are tagged $299.00. Some of these wedding dresses are valued at over $3,000.00!! Come on in and check out our selection. We can even alter the wedding gown to fit perfectly.

Yes, we all shop on the internet, but when buying a wedding gown online here are some things to keep in mind:

–  All sizes are not the same

– Materials have different makeup

– Big Box stores are in the business of selling – not fitting!

2016-08-23 13.40.07Whether you’ve bought a wedding gown at a Big Box store, online, or even have a special gown handed down from a beloved family member, Hem & Her can help make your special day, Special!  Here at Hem & Her, we can assist you with shopping, selecting, buying, and measuring, while providing expert assistance all along the way.  We’re here throughout this important process for your entire party — from bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and especially the bride, we’re here to make that important event wonderfully memorable!  Even Destination Wedding Gowns are available at Hem & Her!